Why are we your best option?

From interior painting to building repairs, we have all the solutions you need.

Services we offer:

– Indoor & Outdoor painting
– Decorative painting
– Sport´s painting
– External painting without scaffolding
– Rehabilitation of building facades

– Large units/industrial units painting
– Rope access works
– Waterproofing
– Damp-Proof treatments
– Fire-Proof treatments
– Pavement painting
– Road signs
– Isolation. Polyurethane foam. Projected cork. Floor treatments. Thermal painting
– Decoration: vinyl and decorative painting. Decorative effects
– Other services provided: construction work, special topcoats (monolayer), polished, cleanings & wood flooring installation

Our antibacterial interior Paints

In order to offer a solution according to the new needs of the market we apply an antibacterial coating that offers protection against the proliferation of bacteria with 99.9% effectiveness in applied wall surfaces.